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Trade Co., Service and perfect production (Vento), founded in early 2003, shareholders have expertise in the chemical sector, having worked for multinational companies in the area from 5 to over 15 years.

We specialize in providing particular types of chemicals, additives, to serve many different areas of production. Most customers are foreign companies investing in Vietnam and the VN companies. Not merely to provide chemicals, based on expertise and close relationships with suppliers, we can advise customers in the application of our products by providing help customers to produce products with better quality.

Vento provide chemical under two methods:
- Direct contract between customers and our suppliers by CIF.
- Transportation full inventory of customers in the territory of Vietnam

Vento always looking for new opportunities and strengthen the capacity of the whole company, so we always want to receive the cooperation and support of suppliers and customers.


The principal types of silicone and silicone additives used in Paint, Ink, Adhesives, Rubber, Plastic, Composite, Polymerization, Construction, Ceramics, Tiles, Logo, Mold, Shaft, Insulated wires, medical instruments, Remove the mold, anti-stick, waterproof, anti-foam, PU foam, …:

- Silicone Rubber: TSE-221, TSE-260; ADEM-001; LIM, SE, XE; FSL; …

- Like to remove silicone molds for rubber, plastics, polyurethane: SEMPURE 35, SEMPURE 35t, …

- Silicone anti-foam, de-foam applied to many different areas such as petroleum, chemicals, agriculture, …

- Silicone oil with viscosity forms vary from low to high.

- Silicone surfactant, catalyst, stabilizer for PU foam: Niax L-580, L-620, L-633, L-638, L-6900, D-19, A-33, A-230, …

- The type of silicone used for waterproofing building materials, granite, tile, brick, plaster powder, concrete, mortar, plaster ceiling, …: SK-54, SK-45, BS-16, S-853 …

- The type of silicone for coating, ink

All types of Liquid Silane: A-133, A-143, A-151, A-171, A-172, A-174, A-187, A-189, A-1289, A-1100, A- 1110, A-1120, A-2100, A-2120, Si-69, Si-602, Si-902, …

And powder form Silane: KH-301/302/303

Surface-active substances for plant protection industry:

- Sponto AP-201/202; Sponto 300T/500T/150T/AC-64-EF ….

- Witcamine 4130A; Adsee C-70A / 990J, Berol 09, …

- Morwet D-425, D-3028, D-809, EFW, Ethylan NS-500LQ, …

The surface-active substances used in the oil industry:

- Demulsifier: Witbreak GBG-4000, …

- Foamer: Witconate AOS.

- Pourpoint depressant, paraffin inhibitor: Witco PC-105, PC-105, …

The type of micro-organic fertilizer for plants and other industries:



- The type of pension mixture of metal chelate applied to each different crop.

Additives for rubber industry: white carbon, carbon black, zinc oxide, MBT, ZMBT,MBTS, BHT, DPG, TBBS, TMQ, TMTD, 6PPD, MOR, BZ, IPPD, Octamine, …

Lubricant additives: Ketjenlube 502, Ketjenlube 522, …

Cellulose fiber: Arbocel, Lignocel, Sylothyx, Arbothix, the construction industry, paint,plaster powder, ready mixed dry mortar, bitumen, …

Silica: Dusil CR-9000, TT-1200…

MC, CMC, HPMC used in many different industries, such as drilling, cosmetic, plaster powder, glue, welding rod production, tile adhesive, …

The types of additives for concrete, cement: Sodium lingosulfonate, Naphthalene Sodium formaldehyde condensates, Melamine Plastisizer, Polycarbonate Plastisizer, Polycarboxylate super plastisizer, …

The species Monomere, Silicone acrylic emulsion used for paint industry, vernis

The types of synthetic rubber: EDPM, SBR, …

The type of tannin used in tanning and water treatment: Mimosa Weibull, Weibull Black, Weibull Roy, Tanfloc, …

Selenium, inorganic and organic color used in construction, glass, paint, verni, …


* AKZO NOBELThe surface-active substances
* J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNECellulose fiber
* WACKER - BRBSilicones
* MOMENTIVEPU foam additives
* USI-HERLISilanes
* RETORTESelenium
* TANACTannin
* AVA CHEMICALMicro Organic metal
* AFTON-POLARTECHLubricant additives
* DARISASilica
* YOUNG’S CORPConstruction additives
* LambiotteGreen solvent
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